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Amazing educational felt books!

Let´s play and have a fun with our amazing educational books. It´s so easy! Handmade textille book is an awesome present and children really enjoy it! They can learn easily on 10 pages with huge variants.

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New Quiet Books

New Quiet Books / Neue Ruhige Bücher

Quiet/activity book is a must have!

What is a quiet book? It is a good sensory toy for the kids helping to develop the fine motor and cognitive skills, form and color identification, behavior and mental logic, as well as imagination and to improve.

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Touch and feel color cards. Busy quiet books. Busy book,  activity book,  soft book.  Kid Staff, ABC book and pattern. Lots of quite book page ideas . Super cute ideas!

The felt boards have a little bit of everything and is always being updated! Cars, trucks, food, colors, animals, sea life, weather, puzzles, faces, outfits, and more! It’s such a cheap and great tool for teaching your toddler or kid any topic! Hours of fun!

A great idea for children

Are you familiar with quiet books? They are basically activity books that are made of all soft quiet materials like felt. It’s often used for special times, when you need to keep children happy and quiet. Take a look at these quiet book ideas for kids.

We are interested in long term cooperation with you to provide your kids with the most attractive developing felt goods, so we have created this shop. The educational products for babies are created carefully and with high quality materials. 

Memory games, color recognition, fine motor skills (buttoning) and matching skills, felt shapes quiet books, quiet book photo album – we have the cutest quiet books for kids!

We offer brilliant imaginative play toys for kids, and ideal for helping to encourage children to investigate the world an imagination. It would be fun for our play & learns… lots of good opportunities to exercise kids’ skills!