Busy book / ruhiges Buch “Numbers Counting to 10”

This is a 16 pages (8 sheets) Quiet Busy Book / ruhiges Buch “Numbers Counting to 10”, suitable for children between one and three years old. The activities include counting, color recognition and some fun fine motor a ties as well. The cover can be changed to suit your child and can also be personalized. Contact me for further ideas. Developing and memory games in this felt book / ruhiges Buch made out of Felt! The toy for the felt book is for free.

  • The child will learn quickly the main arithmetic actions to sum up and subtract, compare with the technique of “fingers”.
  • In addition to counting, the child will master the skills of searching for the letters of the alphabet – “Find your pair” (logic and memory game) – the alphabet. Also you can make your own words of letters.
  • “Clock” the child will learn to recognize time by clock with the help of clockwise.
  • The book is a good step in preparing a child for schooling.

It has the following educational content here:

  • counting – 14 cards;
  • Find a pair – 8 pairs, 16 cards;
  • Alphabet – 26 letters.

46 removal parts!

This educational fabric book / Kinder pädagogische spielzeug “Time and Seasons” will be the best gift for a holiday, a birthday for your baby. All details of the book are made by hand from certified materials. The book can be personalized, with the frame for the photo of your child. This product is a great gift for a child, bring her positive emotions. We will send Busy book / ruhiges Buch “Numbers Counting to 10” to you by DHL German Post for free.

A soft toy – orange lion as a gift!

Hochwertige Auswahl von ruhige Bücher!

Quiet book pages, activity book pages, busy book for kids

Dimensions 20 x 20 cm


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