Sensory book / sensorisches Buch “Von 1 bis 10”

Sensory book / sensorisches Buch for a little princess “Von 1 bis 10” is 12 pages / 6 sheets of kid staff, 20×20 cm pages earning counting book. It would be fun for our play & learns! There are lots of good opportunities to exercise those narrative skills due to different educational games! Quiet sensory book that will provide many hours of interactive, imaginative and fun play with seasons and time themed activity pages. We will send you the instructions by request.

  • Development of logic and concentration attention,
  • Memory,
  • Spatial thinking,
  • Child’s motility development
  • Colors learning
  • Counting learning.

A soft toy – white mouse as a gift!

In addition we have lots of other quite book page ideas with super cute ideas! This educational fabric book / Kinder pädagogische spielzeug “Time and Seasons” will be the best gift for a holiday, a birthday for your baby. All details of the book are made by hand from certified materials. The book can be personalized, with the frame for the photo of your child. This product is a great gift for a child, bring her positive emotions. We will send it by German DHL Post for free.

Beste sensorische Bücher!

Dimensions 20 x 25 cm


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