StoffBuch “Mein Buch”

StoffBuch “Mein Buch” crayon color match page, children’s learning, toddler learning, busy book page idea, toddler quiet book, quiet book pages by Lesya.

There are 8 sheets/16 pages – 20×20 cm pages.

Apart from the counting learning there is the following educational content here:

  • Find pair (logic and concentration) – 9 pair, 18 cards;
    Fruit tree (3 fruits);
  • Counting – 13 cards.

34 removal parts!
Colors learning and spatial thinking, logic and concentration attention, memory, spatial thinking. It is a good sensory toy for the kids helping to develop the fine motor and cognitive skills, form and color identification, behavior and mental logic, as well as imagination and to improve. Handmade quiet book busy book activity book soft book.

A soft yellow toy as a gift!

(StoffBuch/ FilzBuch/ FühlBuch/ MotorikBuch/ BeschäftigungBuch/ AktivitätBuch/ Lernbuch/ MontessoriBuch/ SensorischesBuch/ KinderBuch/ PädagogischesBuch/ Fähigkeiten Spielzeug für Kleinkinder /KinderwagenSpielzeug/ Babyspielzeug/ KleinkindSpielzeug)


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